Kolkata - Guwahati - Shillong - Cherrapunji - Mawlynnong - Dawki - Cherrapunji  – Shillong - Guwahati - 27th Aug'17 to 3rd Sep'17

 God has a beautiful plan for all - Live - Love - Laugh - Travel . Lifetime of memories -

Kolkata to Guwahati via - Shillong - Cherrapunji - Mawlynnong - Dawki - Cherrapunji - Shillong 
"Three Birds"  
We flew and flew, Higher and Higher - Thinking This time won't come again, 
Memories is all we made, Sad we left thinking how Time flew like a shooting Star,
Happy in our hearts as we enjoyed so many happy moments which we will rejoice for long,  
All birds left with a Hope - We all will meet soon and fly again and enjoy Life.

Where to start from and where to end.Few days of travel and lifetime of memories.Time flew and left us all thinking where did it go.We as a family were flying free after a long time and this time we all flew with no destination to reach, we all shared and followed our heart. Caring, sharing and making our connections stronger and stronger.


11 days of travel - starting from Kolkata to Guwahati to Shillong to Cherrapunji to Mawlynnong to Dawki to Cherrapunji again to Shillong to Guwahati.How we all wished on the last day - if it would have never ended, we wished Time, more time to be together.Life has not been easy but it's always been like that for all of us.The word is "Love" we wished more Love. 


Life was calling for a beautiful adventure and we took it.Travelled across the Old streets of Kolkata, ate at local places like children, roamed among British architecture monuments thinking how past would have been, clicking pictures to see them again when we meet next and rejoice those moments, laughs we shared thinking where time has got us and what different life we all live. Three individuals all so different in thinking and all connected to each other by blood and care. 


Looking back and connecting the dots - we all felt travel in Meghalaya was just there for us and we went without knowing what was waiting for us.Now we know it was a beautiful road with a lifetime of memories.Time was perfect - Lovely weather greeted us with open arms in Shillong, meals were served to us in a picturesque setting with a view of never-ending Umiam lake, long nature walks we shared in paths unknown. 


They say you need to be very lucky to get a clear sunny day in Cherrapunji during monsoon season and God gave a beautiful gift to all three of us and that too on 28th Aug'17 when they all were celebrating Life, togetherness, love, sharing dreams.It was the birthday of their child.


Hikes we did only to know life has something more meaningful waiting for us, waterfalls we saw feeling nature's love, markets we explored to carry souvenirs back home for the family , saw hidden caves feeling everything in life is nothing but an adventure unknown. The food we shared very different from our own, sunset we saw - feeling like the whole universe is hugging us with so much love.


Days went by and we were off to our next destination "Mawlynnong - which is also known as Asia cleanest village. It is located in the East Khasi district of Meghalaya. This time things were different. We reached Mawlynnong with a sad feeling , the reason was when I visited the village last year during my birthday on 28th Aug'16 I made a friend "Ricky Sasang" in village who showed me his village, home, family, in fact, shared his life with me and one the big reasons for returning to the village was memories and warmth this village bestowed on me which I wanted to share with my family. I got connected to the village and all of this happened because of Ricky. Now when we were leaving for the village in morning from Shillong we got the news Ricky had passed away.He was no more.I was sad and my parents totally unaware of the bond I shared with him.The people you meet on travel and with the ones you connect strongly, they hold a special place for you.Ricky was surely one of them. 

Mawlynnong is a paradise - a beautiful village where nature is heart & soul. We were at paradise but not with a good heart.

Mawlynnong village was quiet and had to be but at the same time my parents were far away from the world of chaos and were in the lapse of nature. They did nature walks in the village among the houses of local, had meals with local family, everything was like a beautiful dream.


We took day trips to Dawki - Dawki is a beautiful river in Meghalaya which falls at the India - Bangladesh border. We were there in the evening just when we reached the whole sky opened to us with like a canvas painted with orange color. We were on the Indian side but could clearly see the Bangladesh plains far wide open.What struck me the most is humans have divided nature as well - the river on one side of bridge belonged to Bangladesh and on the other to India.


Time passed by and we were almost at the end of our trip, on our way back we stayed at Cherrapunji and saw the seven sister falls falling from the beautiful Khasi hills all evening from our stay and later departed for Shillong.


Three birds - 1 week of travel more than 1000 km on the road and endless memories.


This was probably one of the finest travels we did and thinking of it still reminds us all the good times we had. We met such lovely people on the road. Starting from Biren ( Our Guide + Driver ), Jo Our host in Mawlynnong, Family of Ricky in Mawlynnong, People in Dawki, Host back in Shillong and so many more. 


Life is beautiful and we felt blessed that we did such an amazing travel. In the end, it's the memories that matter.


Kublien Shibun / Thank you very much, Meghalaya for treating us so well.One of the best people we have come across in our life. Meghalaya is a paradise for all nature lovers.


"Happiness is real when Shared - Coming back to Life"

The deepest form of Love is Curiosity - Iordan 

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