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Finland : Helsinki >> Turku >> Tampere >> Rovaniemi >> Helsinki . Dates -16th Dec-26th Dec '17



  • It’s a Backpacking trip where we explore the heart of Finland over the weekend "Helsinki", then we explore a little bit of coastal region in Turku, then we start moving towards Lapland region of Finland - starting with Tampere and then finally we reach home of Santa Claus - The Gateway to Lapland -"Rovaniemi"  -

  • The plan is to Explore Finland, chase the Northern lights all the way from Helsinki to Rovaniemi and be part of one of the most beautiful festivals "Christmas" in this beautiful country.

  • The trip is tuff, it's a big road trip and in winters Finland is really cold. Expect -10 to -15 Degree in Lapland.

  • The days are very short in December, sunlight comes for some time Maybe and nights are dark and long but very beautiful.

  • This trip is an experience in itself which comes once in a life - You need be passionate and at the same time curious to know this beautiful country  - It's no joke and not a very regular travel.

  • The trip cost would be 97,000 INR( Inclusive of G.S.T)

  • No Age limit - Come one Come all - If you got the passion to do this. Come do this trip - Travel to Discover

  • For itinerary queries please contact or call at 9741000732.

Utsjoki -II
Helsinki Winters
Rock Church , Helsinki
Utsjoki -I
Utsjoki Winter Night



Day 1: Trip starts in Helsinki 


  • Meeting point for all the travelers is Helsinki Backpack hostel. You need to reach Helsinki by 16th Dec afternoon or evening.

  • Stay In Backpack Hostel - The hostel would be centrally located and would be close to all the places we would be exploring.The capital city has a lot to offer.

  • We are heading to Finland during Christmas time so we make our way to - Aleksanterinkatu – the official Christmas street 

  • Explore the Thomas market for all the festive vibes it has to offer.

  • Evening - we head to center to the good local bar and enjoy our Saturday night with some beers and get to know this city more.

  • The night is all yours.


Day 2: Helsinki


  • We know Finns are coffee lovers - Breakfast and ...

  • Let's do a little sightseeing - for all art and architecture lovers - Kiasma museum is great

  • We explore one of the most beautiful churches in Helsinki - not to be missed - Temppeliauko Church or known as Rock Church

  • For food /Lunch, we head to Kallio district 

  • Later we explore some beautiful streets of Finland and try to get our hands on some good stuff all depending on your taste.

  • Evening we chill at Old market square and enjoy more of this beautiful city

  • Drinks and food

  • Night is all yours


Day 3: Helsinki - It's a free Day.


  • Breakfast at the Market square.You can make your plans for the day.

  • You can take a ferry and head to UNESCO World heritage site - Suomenlinna or do a day trip to Porvoo - the 2nd oldest city in Finland. 

  • Evening we meet for some Sauna experience which is a must when in Finland

  • The night is all yours, and if you have nothing to do please head to A21 decades bar to try some cool drinks. 


Day 4 & 5: Turku  

Riverfront, the market square, the castle and the cathedral. That sounds familiar – in fact, that sounds like Turku.


  • After Breakfast from Helsinki, we head to Turku by train. 

  • Check-in: Accommodation close to The Old Great Square

  • Lunch

  • Visit The Cathedral of Turku and in evening enjoy the vibe at the Great Square

  • Next day, we visit Turku Castle after breakfast. 

  • Explore The Turku Market Hall and Turku Art Museum

  • Evening Free to explore the city by yourself. 


Day 6 & 7: Tampere 

Friendly & Casual 


  • Stay In Backpack Hostel - The hostel would be centrally located and would be close to all the places we would be exploring.

  • We explore Pispalan Harju - the area with wooden houses over both lakes.  Very Beautiful 

  • In evening before dark or next morning, we visit the Näsinneula observation tower: highest observation tower and a prominent landmark in Tampere.

  • In evening we head to a local bar for some drinks and beer. 

  • Next day, we check out and explore the city. 

  • Lunch at the center and later you are free to explore the city by yourself. 

  • In evening we meet at the train station and leave for Rovaniemi for Christmas celebrations. 


Day 8: Rovaniemi - Lapland - Time to Visit Santa Claus - Arctic Circle Northern Light Belt

Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland, is home to an eclectic – and unusual – array of museums


  • Stay In Backpack Hostel - The hostel would be centrally located and would be close to all the places we would be exploring.

  • After settling in we admire the ätkänkynttilä, Finland’s oldest cable-stayed bridge made in 1989 and crosses Finland’s longest river, Ounasjoki, which runs for 299.6 kilometers. In the night is more beautiful.

  • The evening we explore some Christmas markets and enjoy the night. 


Day 9: Rovaniemi - Lapland 


  • Today, without wasting time we head to meet Santa Claus and pay him regards and in return take our Christmas gifts.

  • Enjoy the Christmas with the rest of the city, head for evening mass and then Dinner.


Day 10: Rovaniemi - Lapland 


  • Merry Christmas, Morning Prayers

  •  We enjoy local activities with local's of Lapland. 

  • Evening we head out for some more Northern Lights 


Day 11: Rovaniemi - Lapland 


  • After Breakfast, we head to another great museum The Rovaniemi Art Museum - the northernmost museum of Europe with lots to see and learn. 

  • Today, from afternoon you are free to explore this beautiful city by yourself.

  • The evening we party. 

  • Early morning leave for Helsinki.

Day 12: Head home trip gets over here - A tuff Goodbye or let us know we will help you in planning your travel in Europe.


Inclusions: Apart from Lots of Happy moments + Photographs + Smiles we will share + Jokes we will make + New Friendships + Journey


  • Guidebook Finland

  • All Stay at backpack hostels

  • Breakfast at all times - Healthy for sure - Please don't expect anything fancy.

  • Internal transfers either by train or by Car

  • Public transport if applicable

  • Northern Light chase tour 



  • Flights from India to Finland both ways

  • Travel Insurance

  • Visa fees 

  • Lunch & dinner and drinks at all times 

  • Anything not mentioned 

  • Due to bad weather - if any route changes or plan change -- extra cost would be incurred individually *


Terms & Conditions


  • You are an adult and you have to take full responsibility for yourself at all times and respect other culture.

  •  If you are caught doing anything illegal you would be facing the consequences alone, travel to discover will not come into the picture.

  • You have to follow all the instructions told by the trip leader all times.

  • When you are traveling alone you have to tell the team about your whereabouts.

  • You have to abide by all rules and regulation of another country.

  • You would be traveling with other people, you have to respect everyone's privacy.

  • We have a plan/itinerary for the whole trip but some things might get changed according to the situation please be prepared.(like flight delays etc)

  • No refund in case of cancellation of flights of interconnecting flights/trains.

  • We would be staying in backpacker hostel all the time and would be sharing the room with other people, you are responsible for your own stuff and yourself

Let's Go Somewhere-----Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost-----To Travel Is To Live ~

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