Budapest - Prague - Berlin - Amsterdam 

"The deepest form of Love is curiosity" - Iordan


Travelers : Rohit Prasade,Abhiram Kumar,Yukti Parakh,Adrian Anthony,Nafisa Charania,Surbhi Shukla,Priyanka Sarker,Dakshit Agarwal,Pranit Agarwal,Niraj Rungta,Mohnish Shah and Karan Barde



Where to start from - we are in Portugal and collecting memories of our Budapest - Prague - Berlin - Amsterdam trip. One of the best travels of our life where we got a chance to share what we love with 12 other travelers from different parts of India who joined us from 18th April'18 - 28th  April'18 on this beautiful journey. It was indeed a beautiful one.


It all started in Budapest - the city which is more like home now. Day 1 started with the meeting of all travelers who reached Budapest. Food is always the first thing you go for after a long journey. A walk around the Jewish quarter, walking, talking time started flowing. Food followed with conversations and the travelers in no time started to know each other and little introduction got converted in laughs. A trip walkthrough happened right outside the St.Stephens basilica which is indeed beautiful and one of the biggest in Europe named after the Hungarian king. Later a walk from Pest to Buda telling all our travelers a little history about the city. A walk along the beautiful chain bridge till the Freedom bridge with endless conversations followed and when you are in Budapest - a tour of Old world war ruin bars is a must. A beer at Szimpla is always a good idea when in Budapest. Szimpla Kert is where it all started. The first Old ruined building left from wartime got converted into a bar and from there on Old World War ruin bar story followed. Night followed with more bar hops and food and endless conversations.


Day 2 started with a good breakfast at hostel followed by our bus tour of this beautiful city. The Heroes Square to Thermal baths to Buda Castle, Matthias Church to Fisherman's Bastion in Castle district with great Lunch at castle district our bus continued. The Margaret bridge took us to Margaret Island - it's one of our favorite spots in the bus tour where you get to spend some peaceful time in the middle of nature. Our day 2 came to an end with our final stop at St.Stephens basilica where we were joined by another traveler Pranit Agarwal which led to conversations about Mumbai and introduction about our travelers followed by chilling at Elizabeth square where all locals meet after work or for just chilling. Night followed by food and more bars at the Jewish quarter in Pest. A great day came to an end with a beautiful evening, endless conversations and lot of beautiful pictures and memories.


Next day after breakfast, it was a free day where all our travelers got the time to explore the city by themselves at their own pace. We were blessed with beautiful weather in Budapest on all our days - Perfect Spring. In evening meeting point was Elizabeth square - caught up for some drinks followed by dinner. The evening started with some wine right below the Chain bridge, then a walk along the Pest side with a view of Buda Castle - truly magical and later a walk back home along the Parliament building where some took the tram 2 to enjoy the same.


Budapest, thanks for treating us with beautiful Spring.Its not a goodbye


Next day we were off to our next stop Prague another magical city which has always pulled travelers from all corners, it's history, castle, beautiful views of the city, food and it's nightlife. Our train journey which was indeed beautiful had a few ups and downs - some of our travelers were in 1st class and some in 2nd class only because online sales got finished of 2nd class so we had to put the rest in 1st class - which none of our travelers asked us up front and led to a lot of perceptions which indeed creates a problem for the road ahead. However, a tram ride from train station to hostel got all the beautiful memories rolling back from our last summer trip. Checked in and we all were set for a Pub Crawl in Prague as it was a Saturday night. Food, followed by some drink and again rushing to reach the pub crawl point followed which kind of remembered us our last time rushing.

Night had a lot of dancing and lot of drinking. All travelers enjoyed to the core, sang Indian songs on the streets - in short, we were making memories in our own way. Night came to an end with a beautiful walk along the Chain bridge.


Next day after breakfast we started with our walking tour of this magical city - we visited the beautiful Prague castle - the biggest castle in the world and indeed a magical one. The cathedral, gardens, the church and never ending panoramic views of the Prague city always get you back to this place and you appreciate it more. After the castle, we made our way exploring the lesser town to John Lennon wall which has become a symbol of Prague and travelers from all over make a visit here to see the beautiful wall which only talks about Love & Peace. Later we explored the Charles Bridge and made our way to the Old town of Prague. A walk through its maze of streets got us to the end point of our tour at Old town Square. A beautiful day came to an end. The evening followed by exploring the Perin hills and sipping wine with truly magical views of this city, some more red wine, and a large Pizza never hurts. Our time in Prague was short and came to an end and we were off to our next city Berlin. 


Prague, you will always be 2nd Love and someday we would be back with first Love.


Berlin has always been a special city for its energy, history, different districts, people from all over the world coming and making a living in that city, it's never-ending nightlife, food and much more. We were staying at one of our favorite hostels at Rosa Luxembourg street. Our day started with a visit to the Reichstag - the German parliament which is famous for its beautiful dome and the Old building architecture. A must visit for everyone to get a glimpse of German history and city views. Later a walk along the Brandenburg Gate, Holocaust memorial and later heading to one the coolest neighborhood for some drinks and dinner. We were lucky that this time on 24th April'18 we had birthdays of two of our travelers and we planned to visit one of our cool spots Monkey Bar but sadly we were not given entry as we were a group of 13. Kind of bad and rude but we all celebrated the birthday outside the Bar, with small cakes - was fun though and later birthday boy Rohit & Pranit got us drinks - such a nice gesture.


Next day started with a bus tour of the city which took them to the Central and east side of Berlin. We started with a visit to the Berlin wall / Eastside Gallery which still has remains of Berlin Wall left. Later we made our way to the Berlin Wall memorial which gives you insight as to what happened in the past and gives you great insight into the history of Germany. A must visit for all curious souls out there.

The bus tour followed with a stop at Alexanderplatz the main square of central Berlin. Later a walk along the main boulevards from Belin cathedral to Branden burg took us to central Berlin where our tour came to an end. The evening followed by a visit to the Berlin Tv tower which takes you to the highest point in Berlin and is known for its great panoramic views of the city. Our time in Berlin was coming to an end but we had a Champion league semi-final between Liver Pool and AS Roma waiting for us and what a match it was. Berlin as always has been a great city and treated us really well.


Berlin, the city with vibrant energy and it's not Germany at all.


Next day we were off to our next destination and the final one "Amsterdam" for celebrating KingsDay which is a celebration of Kings birthday. Check-in and after getting all our travelers sorted we were off for a walking tour of this city which started with a visit to the Old part of Amsterdam now also commonly known as Red Light district. Amsterdam never stops to amaze you - one of the most beautiful cities you can come across in your lifetime and during the time of King's Day it's special with so many people coming from all over the world to celebrate and night always has a different story to tell in this city.


Next day started with a walking tour of the museum quarter of Amsterdam, where we visited the very famous I Amsterdam letters, quite famous as it's right in front of the Rijksmuseum and so many people love to get clicked with it - Why not - Amsterdam is a special city. The day followed by exploring different parts of Amsterdam, Jordaan district and much more. 


We were lucky this time we got a chance to catch up with our friends from India based in Amsterdam our Dutch friend Lars and his sister Kimi whom we met on our Vietnam trip in Hanoi. Sitting in Vondelpark sharing and talking about different cultures was you do when you travel. It was really fun catching up with them. All our travelers had already planned a night party for themselves on the night before Kings Day - they all headed to Cruise party. 


Next day was Kings Day - and it was party time. Three of our travelers had to shift hostel and kings day started with an adventure of checking them in the hostel. A walk among the Amsterdam crowd and streets on Kings Day - you are in for an adventure. The whole city dressed in Orange, Music everywhere, canals filled with boat parties, flea markets - the whole experience is priceless and in middle of it, we were checking them in. Only who has been to Amsterdam during Kings Day can imagine. Fun it was. Day followed by meeting everyone at Kings Palace where a big party was already happening. The energy gets the day going. We walked towards Red Light district canals only to discover more and more different side of Amsterdam. The party never stops, we met so many people during that day. It was so much fun. The party always ends at the hostel where we met all our friends who are working at Uptown Aaron, Ronan, Adam, Luis and so many more new friends.  Kings Day ended with a good sleep.


Next day was a free day - our travelers explored the beautiful windmills and tulip gardens - which is well worth a visit if interested. We had reached the last day of our epic journey across 4 most beautiful cities in Europe - Budapest, Prague, Berlin, and Amsterdam. 


We had a small get together on our last night in Amsterdam, where we bid goodbye to all our travelers - it was indeed a pleasure to travel with them and to share a story with all of them. We feel happy they joined us on this travel.


Amsterdam, home away from home.Second King's Day - indeed special

We were happy that everyone walked back with a lot of memories at their end and that's what matters. Memories stay forever. Happy that we have this trip as a chapter in our small journey. Love for travel connects the world. Connecting Cultures. 


Thank's again to all travelers who joined us on this beautiful journey. It was indeed a pleasure to meet you all.

Love - Travel to Discover - Everything happens for a reason.


The deepest form of Love is curiosity  #Mutlumesc #TeIubesc 

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