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"Europe -Take the map and get wonderfully lost"


It all started with my exchange programme to ESC Rennes School of Business in France.I got an opportunity from my school in India to go and study in France and with that came a chance to travel and explore the new world.Travelling in Europe is an all together different experience may be because of freedom which is part of the European culture.


I visited a few of the cities in nearly around 3-4 months which you can see in the gallery.The passion for photography and making videos is also a great inspiration to travel.Every place I went is worth visiting for some reason or the other.


Paris -"the city of lights" is one of the most beautiful cities I have come across in France.I spent around 4 days there and as it was near to the city Rennes where I was living so it became an escape point for me.The city has got a mix of people from all over.Paris is no doubt the most romantic city I have come across,the city in the night just glows,Montmarte district --it's cobbled streets ,people playing music all around ,artist's painting the whole scene just takes you to an all together different world,the Notre Dam cathedral,the place des vosges old square,Pere Lachaise cemetery and not to forget Yes of-course-Eiffel tower.


People always want to start their Euro trip from Amsterdam-and why not that city has everything starting from the famous coffee shops,canal's ,architecture of Amsterdam which will amaze you for sure,the nightlife which just never ends and the famous red light area-the streets are full with tourists and the museums,I Amsterdam letter's and the spirit of Dutch people will surely make an impact on you.


Berlin, the city with a powerful history which is definitely worth watching.Berlin offers you a mix of everything. Starting from the famous Reichstag dome which is an epic work of architecture and gives you a glimpse of what has gone down in the history.I had a great time thanks to My friend "Gobi" an amazing host for 2 days.


Wroclaw is another city where I went and had a very different experience.It's a small,quiet and peaceful city in Poland.The Grampa Hostel was the place where I stayed and the people I met were just amazing.The market square-old town is the main attraction point of the city which is like always filled with people.Polish people are like one of the best people I met in Europe no doubt -They love to talk and party.Please have a look at the gallery for a better experience.


Prague is a magical place and the most beautiful city no doubt -I was short on time so I was there only for a few days ,I have never taken so many photos in my life,this is one city where you just wanna get lost and feel it.


My last trip was Spain which was a little early as I wanted to do it in summers but things got sorted out ,I went and started with Madrid -people is Spain are so different ,they don't know what's tomorrow they just LIVE,LOVE&LAUGH rest all comes later.I had a great time at Way Hostel Madrid close to Puerta de Sol and last was Barcelona no wonder why people don't come back from there.Go check out yourself.


This is my story.I exactly don't remember when I had a proper sleep in my 4 month's of Euro travel.I came back with so many travel stories and above all lot of memories for a Lifetime.

Hope you enjoyed reading and yes real learning is on the road never in room.So travel wherever you are and have a killer experience.Have a happy ending.



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